As growth and productivity-oriented public sector enterprise, Haryana State Warehousing Corporation (HSWC), is committed to meet the storage and warehousing needs of agriculture, trade, industry, and export-import sectors in the entire state. It has made rapid strides since its inception in November 1967. From a humble beginning with 16 warehouses of 7,000 Mts capacity, today it operates a network of more than 112 warehouses with over 22 LMT storage capacity. HSWC's dedicated personnel offer efficient services for the storage of agricultural and notified commodities to a clientele of over 15,000 satisfied customers. HSWC has an extraordinary strong financial base for a service-oriented organization with outstanding financial results. It has developed the technical capability as well as the requisite financial resilience to take up mammoth projects with its internal resources.

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The State Government of Haryana and the Central Warehousing Corporation contribute to the share capital of the Corporation on equity basis. The authorised capital of the Corporation is Rs. 62 Million against which the paid-up capital is Rs. 58.4 Million. 


The general superintendence and management of the affairs of the corporation vests in a Board of Directors, comprising the following:-

  • Five directors nominated by the State Government, one of whom is appointed as Chairman of the Corporation
  • Five directors nominated by the Central Warehousing Corporation; and
  • Managing Director

At Head Office, the Chairman and the Managing Director are assisted by Secretary, Executive Engineer, Manager (Storage & Technical), Manager(Business), Manager(Personnel ), Manager(Accounts) , Legal Advisor and Sr. Systems Analyst. Our field units are grouped in nine regions which are controlled by respective District Manager. A small but experienced and technically competent team of professionals manages the primary work-units,  Warehouse.   


Our present range of activities provides quality services to a wide spectrum of clientele in the following areas :

  • Handling and Transportation.
  • Package for storage, sale and distribution of agricultural produce and notified commodities.
  • Institutional credit through the medium of warehouse receipt.
  • Facilities for International Trade through Inland Container Depot, Rewari.
  • Dis-infestation of agricultural produce, factory premises, flour/ rice mills, containers, and pre-shipment  fumigation of export cargo.
  • Pre-construction soil treatment against termites.
  • Procurement of foodgrains and other commodities on behalf of various State and Central Govt. Agencies.


HSWC has large human resource bank with the necessary wherewithal to provide quality consultancy and project implementation services in the following area:

  • Technical know-how for scientific storage preservation and disinfestation services for a number of commodities.
  • Design, erection and maintenance of warehouses and godowns.


HSWC scores very high on all parameters of quality scientific storage in over 50 commodities. Commodity-specific preservation measures are adopted both in design of warehouses and the storage services. Special care is taken to preserve the quality and chemical balance of commodities (such as nutrients in food grains) and even highly hygroscopic commodities like jaggery, sugar, etc. are preserved without appreciable loss of quality & quantity. Consequently, commodities stored with HSWC fetch a premium price in the market. Customers are fully indemnified against   any loss to their goods due to fire, flood and theft/ burglary.


Particulars 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 2016-17 2017-18
Authorized   Capital 620 620 620 620 620 620 620 620 620 620
Paid Up Capital ( 50% each by CWC & State Govt.) 584 584 584 584 584 584 584 584 584 584
Percentage of Dividend paid 15%  15 % 20 % 20 % 12.50 % 20 % 20 % 15 % ON PAT 15% on PAT 15% on PAT
Profit after tax (-)1079 2472 26.44 24.65 (-)13850.93 2847.80 3082.55 2345.29 2863.90 4687.36


Apart from operating 59 rural warehouses especially for small and marginal farmers, dis-infestation services are provided at the doorsteps of the farmers and others at nominal charges on a simple request.

Another scheme run for the welfare of farmers, called Farmers Extension Service Scheme, involves free training to farmers in scientific storage and dis-infestation measures at farm and community level.


A mega project of Inland Container Depot has been set up at Rewari, over an area of 31.5 acres,  in collaboration with CONCOR to provide cost-effective services to the exporters /importers of Haryana and adjoining areas. Regular train services are being provided by CONCOR.


Public acclaim of services is our real testimony to customer satisfaction. HSWC was awarded the Best Productivity Performance Awards   by the National Productivity Council for the years 1991-92 & 1994-95 and second Best Productivity Performance Award in 1995-96.

The Corporation is  proud recipient of the Certificate of Merit in warehousing sector, awarded by the National Productivity Council for the years 1997-98 and 1998-99.